Hitting the Road: Pre-Drive Safety Check


There’s nothing more exciting than waking up to a fully packed RV and hitting the road for a cross-country drive. That being said, we aren’t road tripping just yet, but this the perfect time to get our RVs road-ready.

Taking a trip with an RV offers great freedom, amazing scenery and the ability to follow your own schedule. Ready for lunch and a stop? You are the boss of this trip and are not bound to train schedules or flight layovers that can make you feel out of control. As the boss of the trip, you also have a responsibility for keeping your RV in great working condition, while also ensuring optimal safety for you and your passengers.

Many accidents are caused by simple mistakes made by drivers, such as leaving doors unlatched, tires unchecked or trailers loosely hitched.

Follow this pre-trip checklist to make sure you’re at least covering your basics. Of course, accidents can happen even if you’re well prepared. Just be ready to handle emergency situations and make sure to teach anyone driving your RV the same.

Conduct a “walk-around” visual inspection before driving away. A preflight checklist should include:

  • Check under your vehicle for signs of fluid leaks; this includes oil, transmission and coolant.
  • Be vigilant of your surroundings, including the weather and any kind of road hazards that may be upcoming.
  • Check and double-check to make sure your bay doors are not only closed but latched, as well.
  • Put your brakes, parking brake and tow brakes to the test.
  • Assess your tow bar and all related safety cables.
  • Properly disconnect all power, phone water and sewer lines you are hooked into.
  • Take a quick overview of your stove, oven and heater to make sure no burners are lit.
  • Assess your propane tank for leaks and your exhaust lines for blockages.
  • Inspect the inflation levels of all of your tires; also check for tread wear and tear.
  • Review your safety mechanisms, such as smoke and propane leak detectors; replace any batteries if necessary