New Vs. Used


Have you decided you’re tired of paying big bucks for hotels and flights on your family vacations? If so, you’re probably considering investing in an RV. These vehicles offer enough room for several people to relax, sleep comfortably and travel the American highways.

Before buying an RV, you should be pre-approved for a loan. Remember, the amount you have available doesn’t have to be the number you spend.

Be honest with yourself when setting a budget and keep in mind maintenance, insurance and travel costs. An RV that you can comfortably afford will allow you to experience more of America’s great attractions.

Once you crunch the numbers and have a solid budget, you must ask yourself whether you should buy used or new. Both have pros and cons. It is up to you which option makes the most sense for your situation.

Buying Used

For those just embarking on the exciting journey of RVing, a used model might make for the perfect choice. RVs depreciate quickly, and you can typically get a great price on a model that has already proven itself on the road.

A well-maintained used RV gives new drivers a more inexpensive way to learn about life on the road and get a feel for towing.

While a used RV might require more maintenance, it is likely that any mechanical issues from the factory have been resolved. Buying from an authorized RV dealer gives you peace of mind that other issues have been fixed and can even come with an extended warranty.

All in all, buying used makes sense for those who are new to RVing or veterans who intend to only use it for a few weeks out of the year.

Buying New

Few things are more luxurious than a brand-new RV. Buying new gives you the freedom to make it your own by deciding which options are important to you. This is where a veteran of the road has the advantage. While a rookie can make mistakes by purchasing options that cost more and might be unnecessary, a seasoned driver will know exactly which amenities are needed rather than simply desired.